Chain of residences and homes for the elderly "Serdika"

For us, “care” is much more than a word. It is a way of life. We know that everything in nature needs fertile soil to grow. That is why the idea for “Serdika” Residence and Home for the elderly, or more commonly known as a nursing home, is based on our years of experience in healthcare.

Experience passed down through three generations ensures a special and personal approach to our work. In our practice, we combine basic medical care with modern and innovative technologies.

We are distinguished by a global quality standard based on a number of studies. We strive to build modern and luxurious homes for the elderly of a European type,

where residents do not feel as in a nursing home. We believe that for every grown-up child there comes that crucial moment when it is time to take care of their parents. That is when we lend you a hand.

Thanks to a highly qualified and well-selected team, the chain of homes for the elderly – “Serdika” Residences, provides a satisfying and beneficial way of life.

Luxury nursing home and residence for the elderly near Sofia and Varna

The philosophy of the chain of homes for the elderly – “Serdika” Residences, for giving a new meaning to the term “nursing home” is based on our long-term experience in healthcare, respect for the individual and recognition of the dignity due to every person.

In choosing our locations – the town of Bankya, the village of Rudartsi near Sofia, and the city of Varna – we put all our energy and professional experience into every detail to provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for the comfortable stay of our residents.

The service in a chain of homes for the elderly - "Serdika" Residences:

Accommodation in cosy rooms in convenient locations
Daily care for home comfort
Specialized healthcare
Social, psychological and emotional support

Residence for the elderly - Sofia and Varna

The active lifestyle is of paramount importance for good health. That is why the daily active activities are a priority.

We provide both activities to stimulate the physical activity and specialized rehabilitation. Daily walks, dance engagements and morning therapeutic gymnastics are just some of the activities provided for our residents.

For the elderly with dementia

Various changes occur with age, one of the most significant being dementia. People with dementia need constant monitoring, a special psychological support and a safe environment, which are difficult to provide at home. In order to provide professional care for your loved ones, we take a comprehensive approach to each resident’s individual needs.

Location and prices

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Chain of residences and homes for the elderly "Serdika"

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