Accommodation for people with dementia in the "Serdika" Nursing Home

Dementia is a socially significant condition accompanying human ageing. It is characterised by the onset of subtle behavioural to severe irreversible and complex changes of the personality and body.

Thanks to our many years of professional experience, we provide adequate and effective complex care in coping with the changes that accompany dementia – cognitive, everyday behavioural disorders, psychological and physical difficulties.

The dedication and professionalism of our trained staff help to provide adequate care for residents regardless of the stage of their dementia syndrome – mild, moderate, medium and severe. You can trust the “Serdika” Home for the elderly to care for your parent.

Specialized care for residents with dementia

External influencing factors, such as environment, attitude, care and behaviour, are essential in delaying the development of dementia.


In homes for elderly people with dementia – “Serdika” Residences, we have taken the time to provide every detail necessary for a safe and pleasant stay. 

Our focus in patients with dementia:

Efficient organisation of the everyday life
Entertaining activities aimed at delaying the development of the condition
Specialized activities for supporting fine motor skills
Respect for the dignity and personality of the resident

Specific care in a nursing home – “Serdika” Residence, for the elderly with dementia

We provide 24/7 care to ensure a safe healthy environment and high professionalism. In our home for the elderly with dementia – “Serdika” Residence, you can trust for:

Safe environment:

  • Separate area
  • Restricted access
  • Medical beds
  • Specially equipped rooms
  • Separate yard 

Dedicated team:

  • 24/7 monitoring by trained and experienced staff
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Scheduled administration of medication
  • Examination by a psychiatrist*


*An additional service

Life with dementia in Residence "Serdika"

With the right care and the right environment, living with dementia can be meaningful. Loving our loved ones gives us the strength to do whatever it takes to ensure a decent old age.

Chain of residences and homes for the elderly "Serdika"

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